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Below is the building blocks of the CREATE Happy Now Blueprint! 

C    Choose to Change

C - Choose to change You must be ready to make some changes in your life especially around limiting beliefs that are not serving you and new ones you may need to adopt. 

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R Rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit

R - Rejuvenation Once you have started clearing some major limiting beliefs, you will know it's time to balance your mind, body and spirit and even develop a stronger intuition. 

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E   Evolve  Who are we?

Humans stand out as a species on Earth and with reason! We have 24 not 23 Chromosomes and the only creature seeking it's Creator!  We also seek something more once we get out of survival mode.  We want happiness, why?  

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A  Activate your superhuman powers

Did you know you have super powers?   We are all energy beings, we have power over our bodies,  and here you will find out how powerful your beliefs really are! 

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T  Transition your Transformation

Your awakening and your journey to Enlightenment may find you perplexed and alone.  It's an adjustment not only for you, but your family and friends.   You know how important it is to you and family and friends may not jump on this amazing journey with you.  But never fear, you will find that  as you let go, they may come around, and for sure you will find more like-minded friends!  You will attract more than you can imagine! 

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E  Enlightenment   The ultimate destination

Do you have to be a monk in Tibet?  Absolutely not!  Do you have to live in an ashram?  No!   Enlightenment is an ever changing state that you continue to sharpen and evolve.  It is infinite wisdom and freedom from fear.    You can be enlightened and live a normal life.  You may have had an extraordinary transformation, yes, but you won't look different.  You may feel different and behave differently than you have before.  You may listen more and talk less.  Never triggered, have no doubts fears and live in complete peace.   No one can tell you how to become enlightened, it will just happen. 

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